Friday, July 6, 2007

Repair Your Look!

Body and face reparation is a trend nowadays. Many celebrities and also common people do plastic surgery to improve their physical appearance. They have dream to be as perfect as possible. Well, by the way, it is hard to define the word “perfect”. The word perfect here does not mean to be “handsome” or “beautiful”. But it more refers to be proportional. To be proportional means rightly shaped and placed.

However, instead of I explain you around the bush here, I recommend you to read This is a website about the latest plastic surgery news. There you can read about the recent plastic surgery news. For example, many of you probably do not know about “breast reduction” plastic surgery. You may think plastic surgery is only for breast enlargement, who wants to reduce the breasts? Actually, breast reduction is useful for women who have very large breasts. Too large breast will make women uncomfortable because of many reasons, such as healthy or self esteem reason. Curios about the specific reasons? Just read the details at

Another website I recommend to you is lkrieger blog. It is a cosmetic surgery blog that will give information about cosmetic plastic surgery. One of interesting article there is about tummy tuck. Tummy tuck is the most popular plastic surgery. People will be looked slim and sexy after the tummy tuck operation. Fat people and after pregnancy women are the ideal candidates for doing tummy tuck. Unnecessary fat and excess skin will be removed in tummy tuck procedure. After that, the process continues to tight the skin. When all the process finished, the result is smooth sexy abdomen. No wonder it becomes the most popular plastic surgery.

Well informed before doing plastic surgery is very important for health and psychological reasons. So, repair your knowledge before your face and body!


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