Monday, June 11, 2007

Special personalized healthcare can be yours now

No more long waits, no more making appointment with your physicians, no more… Special personalized healthcare can be yours now.

Concierge medicine is a new healthcare service. The main selling points to patients of these practices are that they get better and more immediate access to, and more undivided attention from, their doctor. Under concierge medicine, physicians ask patients to pay an annual retainer fee. In exchange, patients receive guaranteed same-day or next-day appointments, no-wait access at appointment times, longer examination times and off-duty access to their physician via cell phones and pagers.

MDVIP is a company that offer this service. Their services include, among other things : priority, Saturday appointments, 24-hour access to the physician, house calls, and Preventive care and wellness advice and programs. They also offer travel advantages. MDVIP travel advantages work two ways. When a patient is sick in another city, an MDVIP physician in that city will take care of the patient as if that patient were their own. In addition, visiting family members staying in a patient’s home will be treated by the MDVIP patient’s doctor if needed.

MDVIP physicians value personal attention and prevention and have chosen to limit their practices to 600 patients in order to deliver personalized medical care focused on preventive medicine. Participating physicians report better pay, dramatically reduced patient panel sizes, less paperwork and fewer hours. They also say they have more time to devote to patient care, preventive care services, and advocacy, along with continuing medical education and family life. This ensures that there will be more time allocated for each patient and therefore, doctors will be able to identify and cure the illness more effectively.

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